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SE - Fifteen - EL - In a Way you would Care - OF
The words spoken between/over/under the songs were lifted from "Testify!" by Stephen Gamboa and Michael Becker. Recorded and produced by Pevin Kinel. Released 28 February 2014.
Pevin Kinel: synth, electric bass, electric guitar, e-drums/drum machine, glockenspiel, clarinet, mouth rhythms, vocals and percussions.

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Master Removers - Weird Liquids - Dusty - I See Everything - Undoced - Fake ppl. - Syntactic Sugars - Systemic Risks - PENGUINS INVADE REDMOND - Currency Trading - Norseblaster Vortex - Put that shit aside - Another Bite
Featuring Campa La Hampa on "Syntactic Sugars" and Tatiana Villate on "Currency Trading". Mastered by Sebastian Torres. Written, recorded and produced by Pevin Kinel. Released 5th June 2012.

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Monday - Mercredi - Saturday - Jeudi - Sunday - Vendredi - Tuesday
Written and recorded, one song a day, from the 24th to the 30th of March 2010. Everything else (mix, master, cover, ...) from 1st to the 24th of April.
Pevin Kinel : electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, bass, synthesisers, percussion, mouth rhythms, clarinet, glockenspiel.

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Hello? - Stop for nothing - Tiger tasty put - Second slide - At the fair - Song sum up - Roseanne (Bombay mix) - A winter crown - Scabs en croute - Bossa lite - The golden skull of Wackabongo
All songs written, recorded and produced from 2006 to 2009 by Pevin Kinel, except 'Stop for nothing' written by Velofax.
Pevin Kinel : electric and acoustic guitar, bass, vocals, synthesiser, percussion, drum-machine, mouth rhythms, drum-kit, sampling.

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Opening - Tree's Butcher - Surrender - Birds and Neighbours - One
Written, recorded and produced in 2005.
Pevin Kinel : electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, bass, keyboard, mouth rhythms, sampling.

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Tekel Cottage [2003]

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Demo [2001]

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